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The Owensboro Community Band in it's current organization has been making music in Owensboro, Kentucky since 2002. It currently consists of 25-30 musicians from around the tri-state area. The Band is quite active, providing musical entertainment for dozens of local events each year.  All members of the band are strictly volunteers who enjoy the experience of making music as an entertainment form for community members and especially for themselves.

Buena Vista Baptist Church has hosted our rehearsals and a few concerts over the last year, and we are thankful for their hospitality. However, playing in the basement every week has been difficult musically and harmful to everyone's ears in the long term. For this reason we have been looking for an alternative place to hold our weekly rehearsals. Beginning this Sunday, January 25, 20015, our rehearsals will take place in the band room at Burns Middle School in Owensboro. April Yonts, who has played bass clarinet for us a few times, is the director there and volunteered the space to the band. We are looking forward to the increased space and resources this will bring to our rehearsals, and think this will be an even more enjoyable experience for everyone. We will be able to use the school's percussion equipment and the Owensboro Community Band's equipment will continue to be stored at the church, so other than the box of music there shouldn't be any need to transport anything between the church and the school. The O.C. Band practices almost every Sunday afternoon from 2:30 - 4:00 PM, usually at the Burns Middle School.  Be sure to check the Performances page for upcoming concerts and performance history.

Come meet our NEW Director, Lee Davidson